Derma Roller Titanium Gold Needles 4 in 1


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Derma Roller Titanium Gold Needles 4 in 1

It is a cylindrical subcutaneous collagen stimulation tool that can be resized according to your needs. – Size 0.5 for eyes and fine lines 300 stitches – Size 1.0 for face, acne scars, for youth, lightening skin tone and wrinkles 720 stitches – 1.5 body size, cracks, scars and cellulite 1200 needles – IV part is a holder or small holder to place the sterilization solution for sterilization to maintain the unity of the needles From touching any solid part with a small face mask presented in the form of a gift provided by us – with a small brooch to explain how to use and dispose of it English – with a folder for the TAG DERMA ROLLER system for the name of the cylinder

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1. Do not reuse the head.

2. Do not share with another person.

3. Do not roll over time specified.

If treated skin shows hypersensitive responses, consult your doctor.

4. Keep the microneedle part always clean.

5. Keep in a safe place out of the reach of children

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