The derma roller (also known as a skin roller or microneedle roller) is a revolutionary hand-held device which has the ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin to promote healthier skin cells in the body. Using 200 extremely fine medical-grade needles, the dermaroller painlessly creates microchannels in your skin, which then trigger the body’s natural healing process to create new, healthier tissue to replace the imperfections of older skin. By renewing your skin cells regularly, you will be able to treat common problems as we age such as wrinkles, skin hyperpigmentation, scars (including acne scars), uneven skin, stretch marks (usually developed after pregnancy) and even hair loss (when used with Minoxidil 5%).
The Derma Roller System can be used by both men and women and has numerous beneficial effects including: Anti-Wrinkle / Anti-Aging Treatment, Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal, Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration (used with Minoxidil 5%), Scar Removal, Skin Smoothing and Stretch Mark Removal / Treatment.
The Derma Roller is a hand held skin roller with 200 gamma sterilized medical grade stainless steel micro-needles used to part the pores of the top layer of skin. The needles come in 5 different lengths (0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm) depending on the type of treatment you are using the system for.

Please visit our needle sizes page to find out which needle size is best for you.
The Derma Roller System is simple and convenient to add to your day to day cosmetic routine. The way you use the Derma Roller System depends on your type of treatment. Every Derma Roller System comes with a simple-to-use User Guide for you to follow when applying your treatments.

Yes, absolutely. The Derma Roller System is based on ancient acupuncture techniques developed thousands of years ago. The Derma Roller System is manufactured in accordance with ISO/CE standards. The surgical microneedles are gamma sterilized according to ISO 11137. The derma roller uses miro-needles made from non-allergenic medical grade steel so there is no possibility of an allergic reaction to the device. Beware of imitation derma rollers which are not made of surgical steel causing the needles to easily blunt or break. The Derma Roller System is made from the highest specification and can be reused intensively for a 3-4 month period.

The Derma Roller System can be used up to 5 days per week for needle lengths of 0.5mm and once every 3 to 4 weeks for needle lengths of 1.0mm and greater.

The Derma Roller System is not intended to be used on the delicate skin around your eyes (eyelids) or on your lips. The Derma Roller System should not be used by those who are pregnant or experiencing a cold sore outbreak. Otherwise, the Derma Roller System can be used on pretty much any other part of your body.


All orders are shipped on the next business day. Shipping to USA and Canada take approximately 5-8 business days. International shipment to countries outside North America take approximately 7-10 business days. All packages are shipped via USPS or Canada Post.


Each dermaroller lasts approximately 3-4 months.